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Dr. Lorraine S. Evangelista

Lorraine S. Evangelista is recognized internationally for her research on biobehavioral, psychosocial, and biological aspects that impact psychological well-being, functional health, symptom clusters, self-care behaviors, quality of life, and clinical outcomes in patients suffering from chronic heart failure. She has over 135 publications, two book chapters, and several monographs and has received over 10 million dollars from the National Institute of Health for her research. Dr. Evangelista is a nurse researcher who is highly respected for her expertise in cardiovascular nursing. She has designed and tested effective interventions, using cutting-edge technology and adapting the concept of tailoring to provide the information most relevant to patients who struggle with this debilitating condition. For example, she was the first researcher to test a home-based walking program (particularly meaningful in this time of a pandemic) on death and hospitalization. In addition, she has received several recognitions, including being a fellow of both the American Heart Association and the American Association for Nursing (2010), the JV Sotejo Award for Distinguished alumni of the University of the Philippines College of Nursing (2010), the Shannon Mentorship Award (2017), the Distinguished Research Lectureship Award from the Western Institute of Nurses in (2021), the UCI Senate Award for Distinguished Mentorship Award (2021) and the Sigma Theta Tau International Nurse Research Hall of Fame Award (2021). In 2017, she completed a U.S. Fulbright scholarship to study Filipinos' lifestyle behaviors and risk factors in underserved communities.


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