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Elizabeth-Grace Goel, Founder, The Justly Project

Elizabeth-Grace Espina Goel is a rising junior at The Winsor School here in Boston, Massachusetts, right across from Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. She is the founder of The Justly Project, an organization dedicated to using oral history to share the stories of, and raise support for, Filipino and Filipino-American nurses.

The Justly Project began as an oral history project that focused on the experiences of Elizabeth-Grace’s grandmother, who survived World War II in the jungles of the Philippines, later trained as a nurse, and then immigrated to North America. As Elizabeth-Grace was producing a documentary about her grandmother’s story, Covid-19 happened, and she quickly came to appreciate the important role that Filipino-American nurses played in combating the pandemic. To learn more about the Justly Project, please visit our website at


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