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Emerson Ea, PhD, DNP, RN

Dr. Ea, for more than a decade, has advanced the health and well-being of Filipino immigrants in the US and abroad. He has spearheaded and collaborated on several projects that explored the relationships between hypertension and immigration, job and personal related factors among immigrant populations in the US and globally. An enthusiastic leader in the Filipino community, Dr. Ea has served on multiple community boards to promote and advance the health of Filipino immigrants. He is Chair-elect of Kalusugan Coalition, a community-based organization whose mission is to improve the cardiovascular health of the Filipino American community in the NY/NJ area. His community leadership and advocacy and scholarship on acculturation and immigrant health, and hypertension self-care among Filipino immigrants informed the development of KAYA KO! (translates to “I CAN”)–a pioneering health education model that empowers Filipino immigrants to adopt and maintain a heart healthy lifestyle. This health education model and campaign has reached thousands of Filipino immigrants, and has been adopted by Filipino immigrant organizations in the US and globally.

Dr. Ea received his BSN from the University of St. La Salle, Philippines, MS from Long Island University-Brooklyn, DNP from Case Western Reserve University, and PhD from Duquesne University. He was one of the inaugural AAN Jonas Policy Scholars working with the Health Equity and Cultural Competence Expert Panel from 2014-2016.


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