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Janice C. Palaganas, PhD, APRN, ANEF, FNAP, FAAN, FSSH

Distance Simulation and Engagement in Online Learning for Nurse Educators

While simulation educators have been consulted and called upon to quickly transition in-person interprofessional education to the online environment, the burden on simulation educators and support staff is often overlooked. The charge to create distance healthcare simulation also creates faculty development needs, including: acceptance of abrupt change and the ability to adapt to online environments and technology. With new resources appearing in peer-reviewed literature, listservs, and social media every hour, there is an additional need for thoughtful curation of activities and materials. It is unknown what, how, who, why and if distance simulation have been implemented. To help with further development that will come, we need to know the state of the game. As part of a larger group exploring issues around distance simulation, a large-scale scoping review, consensus summit, global survey, and delphi process was developed to collect data from simulation programs worldwide to understand what types of online/remote simulations and methods are being used. A consortium of international medical and health profession societies have formed together to aid in disseminating this large-scale research agenda, including presidents of simulation societies, editors-in-chief of journals, physician and nurse simulation leaders, and researchers across the globe.

In this session, the genesis, design, and results of our recent publications and ongoing work will be presented, along with a discussion of implications of the results for future educational research and practice.


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