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Kenrick Cato, PhD, RN, CPHIMS, FAAN

Dr. Cato has a varied background. He has helped to start and run two software development companies. He worked at NewYork-Presbyterian Health system as a surgical and medical oncology staff nurse and as an analyst in the information technology department, working on projects to improve patient safety through the use of Clinical decision support. In the analyst position, he focused on projects to improve patient safety through the optimization of the hospital's electronic systems. Dr. Cato's program of research focuses on the mining of electronic patient data and software implementations to support clinical decision making. His previous work includes National Institute of Health-funded research in health communication via mobile health platforms, shared decision making in primary care settings and data mining of electronic patient records. His current projects include automated data mining of electronic patient records to discover patient characters that are often missed and the development of predictive models for patient clinical deterioration.


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